Wholesome Vegetarian Recipe

I had never heard of the word 'Falafel' It refers to an appetizer or snack consisting of a small croquette made with fava-bean flour or ground chick peas, seasoned with toasted sesame seeds and salt, often served in pita bread, says my dictionary! In the spirit of all things that nourish our body I share this recipe with you.

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Fibromyalgia and Milk

 Symptoms that aggravate fibromyalgia patients are:

  • sensitivity to dairy products
  • food allergies
  • skin sensitivities

George Malkmus, a specialist in healing with diet, says that FM may be caused by trauma or viral infections, but the stage for succumbing to FM is set before hand in the intestinal tract. Malkmus believes that our leaky gut may be the one primary defect leading to fibromyalgia! He has watched people overcome FM for decades, by changing their diet.

So, what causes leaky gut syndrome? Ready? Dairy product consumption by lactose intolerance individuals can make the intestine porous or leaky. Intolerance to dairy is rampant in America.

Milk in America

I […]

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What Causes Fibromyalgia

Little known facts that answer the question, what causes fibromyalgia, and what can be done. Neurosurgeons Michael Rosner and Dan Heffez say that a malformation between the neck and the brain stem, called a Chiari Malformation (CM), could be responsible for the symptoms of FM and chronic fatigue syndrome, along with cervical inflammation, which causes compression of the upper spinal cord.

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Just a little exercise has been blamed for pulling up your energy. That is all it was, some casual walking. And breathing some summer afternoon air. A body in motion tends to stay in motion. Science says that energy begets energy.

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Your Emotions and Fibromyalgia

Many patients with fibromyalgia are misinformed and told that they are imagining or exaggerating their pain. Others with fibromyalgia learn that they have a medical disease that is chronic and unremitting—in other words, that they’re doomed to suffer from this pain syndrome for the rest of their lives.

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Inflammation and Fibromyalgia

Eating the wrong food combined with poor lifestyle choices is how most of us have operated for years. These choices and the subsequent inflammation they cause, are the foundations for most diseases we see today. This leaves us feeling constipated, bloated, and uncomfortable. Inflammation is a natural response by the body to help the healing process. The food choices we make can bring inflammation to uncomfortable heights. In the same manner food choices can bring on the body comfort and make us feel like new.

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Enzymes and Fibromyalgia

Slow Digestion is a common concern, especially with today's lifestyle of diets that are often void of fresh raw vegetables and high-fiber foods. Poor assimilation of food can lead to bloating and a feeling of low energy. Having a well-functioning digestive system promotes energy and vitality, leading to better overall health. People who have disease in their body, need extra help where vital nutrition are concerned. They will need extra vitamins and minerals, and enzymes to break the food down for them.

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Music for Sleeping

Did you know that what you hear has a powerful affect on how you feel, even if your not listening? Think of music and sound as real energy that can be directed and controlled to achieve your desired outcome. Notes, (energy) has the power to shatter glass, and can affect the way you internal organs function. You know that some music helps you concentrate and other music would never let you concentrate.

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Diagnosed With Fibromyalgia

My heart goes out to you if you are here to read about Fibromyalgia for yourself. Having spent time in support groups, there are still people who are not going to a fibromyalgia doctor. Sometimes family doctors are not trained to treat it. One support group was called the 'Comfort Group'. We were not allowed to complain all the time, but we focused on encouraging and helping each other.

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