The fibromyalgia body needs an abundance of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Proper nutrients can balance out the many inefficiencies. The modern diet leaves most of us malnourished. FM patients have several intestinal issues leading to poor digestion. Enzyme activity is a must in correcting this malnutrition.

Enzymes are energized protein molecules that play a part in all the biochemical activities of the body. Their functions are so many and diverse, it would be impossible to name them all here. Each enzyme has a specific function in the body that no other enzyme can fulfill. All of your tissues, muscles, bones, organs, and cells are run by enzymes. Your stamina, your energy level, your ability to use vitamins and minerals, and your immune system are all governed by enzymes.

Some duties of essential enzymes include:

  • break down & absorb hard-to-digest foods
  • stimulate the brain
  • protect our cells from oxidation
  • release energy from our food
  • repair all tissue, organs and cells
  • assist all organs and skin in flushing toxins from the body

Enzymes use food to construct muscle tissue, nerve cell, new bone, skin, and gland tissues.

Life would not exist without enzymes, even with proper vitamins and minerals, water, and other nutrients. without enzymes, digestion could not take place and the food we eat could not be absorbed and utilized by our bodies. Neither can one enzyme act alone. The body needs these essential enzymes. When we supplement our food intake with enzymes, our body takes those and makes other enzymes.

While the body manufactures a supply of enzymes, it can also obtain essential enzymes from food, like yogurt, and raw vegetables and fruit. But the body’s ability to produce enzymes is being seriously taxed by a diet of processed, highly cooked food, full of preservatives. In fact, any sustained heat of approximately 118-129 degrees F destroys virtually all enzymes.

We know we should eat many servings of raw fruit and vegetables daily, but when we cook them instead, heat destroys those precious enzymes. Finding a good enzyme supplement is so important.

If our food is dead, how will we begin our healing ?

People who have disease in their body, need extra help where nutrition and healing are concerned. They will need extra vitamins and minerals, and enzymes to break the food down for them. If enzymes aren’t in the food, it sits in the stomach for an hour, like a heavy lump, with very little pre-digestion taking place. At that point, stomach acid is introduced at high levels to compensate for the lack of pre-digestion (a major factor in the onset of acid reflux disease). So even after the stomach acid has done its work, the typical cooked/processed meal enters the small intestine unprepared.


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