Let’s talk discretely for a moment on sex. You may think that sex and fibromyalgia do not belong in the same sentence, but it can. Lucky for most of us, sex and fibromyalgia can exist together. We face a lot of negatives in our lives; pelvic floor problems, trigger points in the region, depression and the side effects of our medications.

On the positive side having sex can help restore energy, strengthen intimate relationships with your partner, and bring enjoyment. Tests show that sex brings a moment when pain signals in the brain become interrupted! That’s great! Sex is truly a vital component of life. It’s perfectly understandable to lose your energy and your desire for sexual relations. If you feel like exploring this area of your life, read on. These aren’t the dark ages. Sexual desire doesn’t come easily and naturally for some fibromyalgia patients as it did before. Modern lifestyles aside, human beings have always searched for solutions to their flagging libido. The good new is now days there is an arsenal of natural help standing by.

Fibromyalgia Aphrodisiacs

The aphrodisiac {a drug, food, or substance that excites sexual desire} is named after Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of sexual love. Examples from ancient times are; snake blood, goat testicles boiled in milk, ants mixed in olive oil, jackal bile and donkey’s milk. But the search for a wild tonic continued and with science brought better solutions! Ayurvedic medicine has a branch of medicine called Vajikarana for promoting and nurturing sexual desire. The word Vajikarana  means that which strengthens the body by reinvigorating the sexual organs. The aim is to strengthen the body which in turn increases fertility and promotes happiness and balance of the individual. Our private desires need nurturing through out the years. The bodies of Fibromyalgia patients are busy with pain and fatigue. But desire is born in the brain and heart. Women with a zestful love for life,or in a healthy relationship with their partners are far more likely to nurture their passion, no matter what age.

Herbs to the Rescue

Never underestimate the power of earth friendly herbs. Listed below, these benefit our health in many areas, in addition to boosting sexual drive and energy. Ashwagandha (withania somnifera)  This plant has a centuries old success rate for that purpose. Benefiting both men and women, it’s said to be good for low libido or sexual dysfunction, and increases physical endurance.  Ashwagandha has potent Alkaloids which give ashwagandha it’s special strenght.  The Ashwagandha plant is an adaptogen which:

strengthens immunity – helps to reduce stress and anxiety – rejuvenates and energizes the nervous system – is a regenerative tonic for the hormonal system –  has anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties.

Siberian ginseng (eleuthero) Like Ashwagandha, it’s an adaptogenic with an amazing collection of phytochemicals. It’s sterol compounds stimulate sexual functions and libido. In addition, it also stimulates your adrenal glands, increase stamina and slows down sexual aging. Fights stress and fatigue, both physical and mental.

Maca is from Peru and is called one of the darlings of the herbal family. It’s not new to the scene tho’ it’s been used for thousands of years. It’s prized for it’s energizing and aphrodisiac action. The Herb Quarterly, Summer 2013 issue states there was a study in 2000 where lab rats took the compounds of maca, macamides and macaenes. These rats showed a greatly increased interest in sex and improvement in stamina! Maca has also treated female hormonal problems and athletes have looked to it to increase their endurance.

Dr. Jan-Dirk Fauteck MD is the director of a research facility in Munster, Germany. There he conducted a clinical trial with 120 people. Macabido™ appeared to be considerably more potent when it comes to supporting general well-being and healthy sexual desire than standard maca preparations. Both the maca and the Macabido™ groups reported experiencing a positive effect as compared to the placebo group, with the effects of Macabido™ being considerably stronger than those of maca alone.

 The findings of the study:

  • In the Placebo group:  the self-reported libido levels of the women had worsened after four weeks of treatment, as compared to when the study began. Men in the placebo group reported a slightly positive effect.
  • In the Maca group: 3 % of participants were dissatisfied, 35% noticed no effect (i.e. no improvement), and slightly more than 60% noticed a significant improvement in libido.
  • In the Macabido™ group: 2% of participants were dissatisfied, 5% noticed no effect, and 92% Reported a Significant Improvement in libido.

This special formula has several of the top herbal aphrodisiacs listed above, making it an ideal choice. MacabidoTM is an all natural formula with Macaplex® to improve libido and enhances general well-being, reduces stress and generally boosts your vitality, energy level and stamina.