Symptoms that aggravate fibromyalgia patients are:

  • sensitivity to dairy products
  • food allergies
  • skin sensitivities

George Malkmus, a specialist in healing with diet, says that FM may be caused by trauma or viral infections, but the stage for succumbing to FM is set before hand in the intestinal tract. Malkmus believes that our leaky gut may be the one primary defect leading to fibromyalgia! He has watched people overcome FM for decades, by changing their diet.

So, what causes leaky gut syndrome? Ready? Dairy product consumption by lactose intolerance individuals can make the intestine porous or leaky. Intolerance to dairy is rampant in America.

Milk in America

I see fields along the road when we take trips. A few spotted cows and little ones scattered upon a green hillside. Just beautiful! We have a very clean dairy cow operation in our town. That’s how this one looks. Very pristine.

Haven’t we all seen the milk ads with movie stars in white mustaches? Who is it that wants us to drink up the milk? If you have fibromyalgia symptoms will occur when you drink milk. And we go on thinking we are lactose intolerant. Lactose is digested in the stomach by an enzyme called lactase. Sometimes, we don’t have enough of that enzyme, or we have taken a round of antibiotics. Our medications we take for FM can cause this kind of deficiency.

I never knew that cows naturally live about 20 years. But in the largest dairy facilities, the cows are emaciated by the time they become 3 years old. To maintain high milk output, the cows are artificial inseminated to give birth as often as possible.  Weak and sore, with foot disease from standing in one spot her whole miserable life. Standing there exhausted by constant lactation and frequent disease.

After she gives birth, the calf is taken away from her. The boy calves go to auction with umbilical cord still attached, too weak to stand and many die before they reach auction. This is the VEAL auction. The calves are kept in carts, so they can’t stand. Too much movement toughens the meat. By about sixteen weeks they are slaughtered. This abuse begins as young as one day old.

This is written above so you can be enlightened and make a better choice about your own body. Please know that this is hard for me, writing and thinking about this again. This is one of my Causes.  Please do not purchase veal. Please remove the demand so there will be no reason to supply. Don’t demand the killing of baby calves. I’ve seen footage of a mother cow running beside the wheel barrow that contained her new calf, as it was been wheeled to another place. The animals know what’s right, sometimes better the man does!

Q: Do the cows roam on green fields? If they conceive, will they keep their calf?

A:  Cows by the thousands are confined to filthy, crowded stalls and feedlots, dry and barren. The calves are taken away.

Behind the scenes at most of America’s milk suppliers, ‘farmers’ are quietly adulterating our milk supply with synthetic hormones. BGH is bovine growth hormone which is injected into cows sometimes as much as every 2 weeks. That produces an abundant supply of IGH-1, another hormone which speeds up the cows metabolism, so she produces up to 30% more milk.
In 1996 we all read about genetically modified products like corn, soybeans, canola and rice. These biotech foods are derived from modified organisms. This change is much more than mutation breeding where they are exposed to radiation!

As alarming as that is, milk was our first modified food. Scientists like Samuel Epstein said, “We warn you, what might be good for dairies profits might be big trouble down the line for people drinking the milk.” He worked at the University of Illinois, when asked about this he said, “There are highly suggestive to persuasive lines of evidence showing the consumption of this milk poses risk of breast cancer and colon cancer.” This is a growing body of evidence. Samuel Epstein, who is often called upon to advise Congress on things in our environment which may cause cancer.

Research scientist, William Von Meyer said, “We’re going to save lives if we review this NOW. If we allow rBHG to go on, I’m sure we are taking excessive risks with society.”

Research scientist, William Von Meyer said, “We’re going to save lives if we review this NOW. If we allow rBHG to go on, I’m sure we are taking excessive risks with society.”

Charles Knight, dairy farmer, says of Posilac, ‘It’s a tool that can be used, but you better be careful, ’cause it can burn you ..”Posilac burned his cows out sooner, shortening the life of the cows by about two years. Knight says he will not use Monsanto’s synthetic BGH anymore. Monsanto developed the recombinant version from genetically engineered E. coli bacteria and markets it under the brand name “Posilac.”

RBGH is the largest selling dairy animal drug in America.

On the Monsanto sales tapes: “Of course you’ll want to inject Posilac into every eligible cow, as each cow not treated is a lost income opportunity.” Company sales tapes encourage farmers to use it as a tool to milk more profits out of each cow.