What you focus on tends to create your reality. So why not focus on being happy rather than unhappy?  The simple truth is that life is made up of lots of choices. You have to make the decision to be Happy! It’s something that we Can Do. YES! Happiness and Fibromyalgia do go together.

Abraham Lincoln said “People are about as happy as they choose to be.” I know that’s true because when I’m feeling particularly happy — centered, and joyful — I feel completely me! Joseph Campbell, the world’s most renowned anthropologists and an expert on our planet’s different religions, myths and tribal cultures, was asked to summarize what he learned from all these traditions. He did so in three words: “Follow your bliss.”  You and me, too. We shall FOLLOW  OUR  BLISS . . .

When you are feeling a little off, go sit outdoors. I can always think clearer out of doors. Think it over. What do I need? Is it water, movement, nourishment, or warmth of the sun?  You’ve heard of the Feel Good neurotransmitter called Serotonin. Research shows that on darker days the brain creates less serotonin, and that during short days of winter these levels drop to their lowest.

Exposure to bright light is the healthiest way to produce serotonin, your short cut to feeling better!

Happiness improves your Health! People who are happy,  joyous, passionate, are healthier, with fewer colds, feel less pain, and suffer fewer diseases. Studies show they can live  longer than unhappy people.

Here we are talking about how powerful our minds is, again! Our mind, nervous system and immune system are all effected by our emotions, feelings. Giving strength to all our immune system, make our heart lite, and in  turn stops production of cell damaging hormones! That protects our brain. Studies show that humor is great for your heart. We incorporate humor into our lives by renting funny movies, watching funny reruns as long as they give that belly laugh.

What about those Dear Hearts that are not Naturally happy. Can we all benefit?  Absolutely!

We can all learn to bring more meaning and satisfaction into our lives. When we were young we didn’t give social pressure, staunch religion, fears and saddening social structures the time of day. We were happy, that’s how we were born. Happiness is our natural state. Let’s don’t carry these around as adults either. That will be better for your health.

Seek Balance

I’m not telling you that you can flip a switch and feel happy. No. Simply embrace all of your feelings and let them be felt. Don’t be disappointed one day when you feel unhappy, or angry. Feel all, work it out, and move on! There is so  much attention now on getting rid our stress and anxiety. You will need to search for happiness. Know what happiness is to you.

Your Master Key to Peace

This may seem hard at first. I live this way myself, and I can tell you honestly it’s worth learning. — Create a lifestyle of no blame, no judging by living totally in the present moment. When you are focused on peeling those carrots, it’s hard to rehash history, worry about tomorrow, or regret what you said yesterday. Be present where you are. NOW.  When you step outside of yourself, you will be open to all souls and see each of them uniquely.You will be in a stress-free zone, where you can learn to create what makes you happy. 😆
There is a simple attitude that can help you live happily — a willingness to let go of blame. Judging others for their faults. Judging or blaming yourself. Feeling guilty about something you did. Feeling let down by others. These are all forms of blame. They are all emotional and mental habits of unhappiness. These negative feelings steal your power.  Because casting blame leaves you thinking about her or them, not on your own happiness. Watch out, and don’t be a victim.


Happiness Naturally

I have repeatedly seen the following ingredients listed in products concerning moods or anxiety. There is a reason for that. These work to level out our moods and let us be more productive, and happier.

L-Tyrosine is an amino acid that alleviates stress by boosting production of adrenaline. It’s absorbed much better when taken with some B6 and C. It raises dopamine levels which influence your moods and stimulate your metabolism.  Others amino acids most commonly associated with mood are dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine. Tyrosine acts as a mood elevator. Lack of tyrosine leads to deficency of norepinephrine, which could lead to depression. It has been helpful for those with anxiety, allergies, and low sex drive. At Amazon 100 capsules are $9.99. This has 500 mg. Take your tyrosine at bedtime. I’m taking this one.

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60 Caps @ Amazon 9:14Another booster is L-Theanine. The makers of Suntheanine take special care when they make this supplement, that is why I chose it. This unique amino acid is found in green tea that is emerging as the premier natural product that supports mental calmness and relaxation. “Suntheanine” is produced by their proprietary enzymatic process guaranteeing essentially pure L-Theanine for maximum effectiveness. At Amazon 60 caps are only +- 9.14. In a tasty fruit-flavored chewable tablet. Chew 1-2 tablets 3 times per day or as directed by a health professional.

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