What do you expect when you join a clinical trial for fibromyalgia? Most will compensate you for time spent, time traveling, and sometimes gas reimbursement. I have friends who know it’s vitally important for studying the disease, and they don’t take their involvement lightly. clinical trials

You will be cared for in a hospital or clinical setting and have a research team that may include doctors, nurses, social workers, dietitians or other health care professionals. These will provide your care, monitor your health carefully, and give you specific instructions about the study. You may be asked to take a certain medicine, try physical exercises, and other hands on helps like massage, acupuncture depending on your study.

Participating in a trial may mean that you might have more tests and doctor visits than you would if you weren’t in the study. Team members also may continue to stay in contact with you after the trial ends.

To make the results as reliable as possible, it is important for participants to follow the research team’s instructions. That means having all doctor visits and tests, taking medicines on time, and completing logs or answering questionnaires.


  • Gain access to new research treatments before they are widely available
  • ¬†Obtain expert medical care at leading health care facilities during the trial
  • Help others by contributing to medical research
  • Play an active role in your own health care
  • You may be among the first to benefit if the approach being studied is found to be helpful

Clinical Trials

During a clinical trial, researchers consider the safety and effectiveness of a new medication or device on fibromyalgia patients. They consider the effectiveness of the present dosage of their medication. They investigate the use of another medication not made specifically for fibromyalgia. Weigh the new medication or device against the standard treatments. While most clinical trials compare two medications or devices, some trials compare three or four medications, doses of medications, or devices against each other. I am one who is happy that they are thorough.



Clinical trials are run by regions. You'll have to search your area, and search by disease, too.

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