Shoppingwith fibromyalgia may not always be fun and easy. We all have issues!  As you flip thru the racks, you will have your eye out for different things. Really different since I’m now 61. Here are some things that I’ve learned that may help you.

Consider the feel of the fabric! I’ve had FM for 16 years and I’ve found that the minute I feel fabric that has extra softness, especially with tops, I will consider adding it to my wardrobe. I just love softness anyway but now it’s important. Last week we were shopping at a thrift store and I found a top that only touched me on the shoulders! ‘Wow!’ I thought. ‘Where have you been all my life?’ Finds like this tend to make me feel happy. 😉 My serotonin level goes a little higher.

Never wear pants that are tight around the waist or tight in the hips. Those with FM tend to have those annoying trigger points around the hip area. Not only does it impede blood flow and healing, it slows your lymph drainage. Wherever you have tightness, you may increase swelling and discomfort. If you can’t wait to get out of them, they will be subconsciously nagging at you all day long.

My poor feet!I have so much foot pain that on most days I change shoes once or twice a day for comfort. Forget about high heeled shoes. It’s been Years since I’ve considered them. When we are in heels, our calves are very much shortened. I know I’m not alone with leg and knee pain. Our FM body wants to shorten our muscles, thus leaving unbalanced muscles on the back and front of your legs. Imbalances begin at the feet, and work their way up to your hips and then up between your shoulders. I’ve found amazing soft and comfortable shoes made by New Balance. They are called, ‘Rock and Tone’ #1442. Try them out soon. They aren’t made anymore, so you’ll have to shop on E-bay or Amazon.