Day One

Today is the first day in my few years with fibromyalgia that I’ve had complete pain relief in my left hip. It usually hurts so much it drives me to distraction and keeps me tense. My right hip hasn’t been so bad.

There is a muscle strain in my piriformis that makes my entire left leg ache.The rest of my body feels like I imagine road-killed animals felt, flesh struck  by a truck! But I feel it day after day, year after year. It wears me out.

I’ve had pain shots before. The outcome was always disappointing, and the shot adds soreness to the agony!

Today my family doctor gave me a pain shot that changed all that! He walked into my room carrying two needles! We poked for the sorest points, he delivered lidocaine painlessly, hit two trigger points and used it all. My hip was pain free before I left the office.

He gave me instructions that no one had ever given me. “Get ice on that as soon as you can. That way you can keep the medicine localized.”

That is just what I did, and I sat still for about an hour reading a book I will be reviewing.


Day Two

What a great and marvelous morning! I don’t have trouble bouncing out of my bed, or walking to the bathroom. “This is amazing!” Not only is my hip pain free, my whole body is pain free! Gosh, I feel like dancing. While making breakfast I turn my TV onto a music channel and I dance and dance while getting my dinner together. ♪ I FEEL NORMAL. So normal.  ♪  And I feel young!

With this brief reprieve, it hits me that the pain that I’ve been feeling for so long is Incredible, Unbelievable, and Sinister. It hides and clinches the words I want to use to match it’s description, anchored in my mouth!

Final Day

“What fresh hell is this!” my younger sister would have said. The shots let go today, and left me wide open for renewed pain that rocked me. I sat very still and cried. ‘Oh no! This is too much, can I stand This?’ I felt blinded by its rapid return.

Sensing the old regime taking back its posts, with my jaws set like flint my own determination will rise and take control. What a difference the right medicines make! Why do doctors under medicate pain? Do you know why?