It is important to understand that the patient is not the only person who is living with fibromyalgia. It has a way of becoming part of life. Therefore, the patient’s family and, to some extent, her friends also live with it. In this book, Tom shares what he has learned from his wife and others about what it is like to live with FM. He candidly tells you what life is like in his household. He will discuss some of the things that he does or has done in an effort to make life more enjoyable for his bride. It’s like a love story, Ours!


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Readers who left comments said:

Ruth   “. . .I found the book to be very helpful. There were ideas to help me cope with my condition that I would not have thought of on my own . . .”

C.  “. . . really hit home with me often having me in tears from the validation it provided. The little things like hand holding make a huge difference in a relationship if the pulling away is not fully understood. This type of thing was an issue in my marriage. The spouse is often hit with the outcome but doesn’t fully understand that it has nothing to do with them,  even when you tell them. I wish our marriage had had this book to read a few years ago. My husband has recently read it and while we are on the same page NOW, he still learned some things! I believe having another husband share with him a similar life path has helped to encourage him. . . “

FB  “. . . This book touched me because it was written by the husband of a woman who has Fibromyalgia, or FM. Together, the two of them have worked out new ways of living that allow them to still find enjoyment day to day. Author Tom Buford has written an excellent book about “79 Ways” that he could make life a little easier for his wife of 30 years. She was a very active woman and used to be able to water ski and climb trees! That is but a distant memory, but they have now tweaked the activities they share together that bring them even closer.

About this book .  .  .

  .  .  .Tom Buford is a man whose wife of more than thirty-eight years has suffered with the disabling effects of fibromyalgia for more than a decade. The author is not a medical professional, but he knows first-hand what it is like to watch his wife change from one who earlier in life might have been seen on a lake riding a jet ski or climbing trees in a friend’s yard to one who can hardly get out of bed some mornings, one who he has found sitting on her bed silently crying because there was no relief from the pain, even with heavy-duty pain medications.

Tom knows the empty feeling that comes with seeing his bride in obvious pain and not knowing what he can do to make her day more bearable, or if he is told what to do, may not think he knows how to do it in quite the way she needs it done. He knows what it is like for his wife to desperately need his touch, yet he finds it difficult to control his sometimes too masculine touch in such a way that it is not too heavy or even pain inducing for her.

This book will show you 79 things that family members and friends can do to help their fibromyalgia patients live better lives. You will learn real, practical tips for working around uncomfortable situations, helping the patient remain productive, fighting fibro-fog, and more.




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